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The Neuro Matrix of Pain

In 2001 Dr. Melzack et al. came up with a new theory on pain and how it affects people. It is called the "Neuromatrix of Pain". I urge you to Google it. This theory ties in with the biopsychosocial model of health care that we use at Devonport Chiropractic. Where you are the most important factor in our care.

The neuromatrix of pain theory shows us that pain is multidimensional, you can physically hurt yourself and damage tissue in your body, then if you are not guided correctly through your healing and rehabilitation a chronic problem can begin, also what you think and believe about your injury can play on your mind. If you are then told it is "your age" or "you will have to learn to live with it" this can then become part of your belief system.

We recognise that each person is different. We recognise that everyone has had different life experiences and injuries. The neuromatrix of pain recognises the physical, mental and spiritual dimensions of pain and conditions.

Our aim is to work with you, to get you to be able to live the life that you want.

What we do

Devonport Chiropractic is dedicated to Excellence in the Art, Science and Philosophy of Chiropractic.

Art. The art of teaching your spine to move correctly. The art of listening to you and your needs. The art of examining your spine. The art of finding the cause of your problems, not just the symptom.

Science. The science of examining your spine, locating and feeling your problems. Using all the latest techniques and technologies at our disposal. We will work in conjunction with your Doctor and communicate to them our findings, if you want us to.

Philosophy. The philosophy of chiropractic is a philosophy of things natural.  Your body is a self-healing self-regulating organism. It does the healing.  Expressing natural health and optimal potential is what your body and you were designed for. Anything less and you are short changing your life. You deserve more.

We work with you to find out, where your problem areas are.  We do a complete health history, with a systems review discussing your problems. We will do a comprehensive neurological and biomechanical analysis on you. It might be your nervous system, muscular system or skeletal / spinal system that is breaking down.  Maybe it is all three. That is why you have muscle spasm, and / or numbness or pain.

We will put you on a schedule of care. Start to correct your problems. Once you start to get better we will then teach you ways to stop recreating your problems, and if you need exercises will demonstrate ones that are specific to you and your condition.

Remember - Movement is a nutrient that your brain needs.

About us

The team at Devonport Chiropractic are highly qualified and experienced.

We stay up to date with developments, new techniques and the latest technologies in chiropractic care and health care, to ensure we continue to provide superior evidence based chiropractic care, to the people of NW Tasmania. All staff go on a minimum of two courses a year to stay up to date.

We understand that no two people are the same, we all have different needs, different lifestyles, different bodies and different health goals. The team at Devonport Chiropractic always take this into account and work with you to achieve your goals.

The team at Devonport Chiropractic have received local and international awards for Excellence in Chiropractic, Leadership and Commitment to patient care.

We have two chiropractors trained to help. Dirk Jacobsz and Pritesh Patel. Dr Pritesh has worked here before. Unfortunately our wonderful Italian Chiropractor Dr Gabriele Malinverno, has decided to move back to Italy, we will miss him.

Our Office Manager is Toula Woolley and we have two accomplished Chiropractic Assistants. Lisa Compagneand Janelle How.

The ladies that run the front desk are often complemented by our patients on their wonderful service. They have received Awards for Outstanding Customer service, in 2015 they were awarded Best Business of the Year in Devonport, for their Outstanding Customer Service and community care. Survey's in our office rate our care as Excellent.

Come in and experience the finest excellence in service and health care here in Tasmania. Devonport Chiropractic is one of the finest Chiropractic office's in Australia, right here in Devonport to serve you.