Dr Pritesh otherwise known as Dr P is coming back to Devonport. He loved it so much he can't keep away. We had Dr G ( Gabriele Malinverno) sadly he is off back to Italy. Thanks Dr G for everything you did... we will miss you.


Who is Dr Pritesh Patel?

Dr Pritesh was born in India and grew up in the city of Vadodara till the age of 12 years. He immigrated with his parents to Auckland, New Zealand (aka Aotearoa) in 2001. “Growing up in NZ was great fun.”, says Dr Pritesh. He has gained knowledge of both the Western and Eastern cultures and traditions. His upbringing was very modest but his parents made sure he had all modern conveniences. He has also spent a few years in Melbourne and right here in Devonport. He loves the outdoors and is an avid cricketer.

Dr Pritesh was with us for a few years after graduation. A few things have changed in his life since he was last with us. He is now married to his lovely wife Payal. His wife says she had never seen a groom so thrilled and full of energy during the 4 days of wedding ceremonies with over 3000 attendees!

Dr Pritesh is excited to be back in town to join our team at Devonport Chiropractic. Dr Pritesh feels joy and a sense of privilege to be a Chiropractor, knowing that he gets to serve and change people’s lives and make a huge impact in their world, fulfilling their highest of values and live a quality life.