We should learn to seek health - not fight dis -ease

What would you do in life, if you knew you could not fail?


If you Look after Small Problems - You won't have Big Problems

Take care of your health now..... or take care of your diseases later !

It is your choice.

If you knew that you were going to live to be 100 years old.

What would you have to do to be fit healthy and mobile at 100.

Would your current lifestyle support you getting to 100.

What would you have to do?





  • If you always do.
  • What you have always done.
  • You will always get.....
  • What you have always got.




You have to do something different. YOU are the one that has to change, not the world, not your partner. You are the one that has to do the hard yards. We can help. We can get you moving in the right direction.

The Human Body can Transform and Change Over Time

The human body is living clay, dynamic and malleable. It can change and transform over time as well as instantaneously.

Biological healing is cellular replacement. It requires life force, spirit or light to take place. It is creation & recreation. Only living systems can heal; Life force is primary in healing.

Biological healing is quite different from fixing, curing or core healing.

(a) Biological healing is tissue, organ & system healing, as cellular healing is never possible. Sick or damaged cells must die and be replaced by new ones. Cellular turn-over is what creates healing.

(b) Core healing is healing the ‘driver’ in the ‘car’. It involves letting more ‘light’, spirit or Life force displacing the ‘darkness’ or  the ‘ego’ within.

Symptoms are messages from the body that in most instances must be listened to rather than suppressed. There are healing, cleansing, adaptive and messages to change symptoms and/or pathological symptoms, which are still the path-of-logic driven by the primary law of life, which is survival. Biological healing transcends the linear-time-upward progress schedule. It is affected by many cycles from cellular to circadian, to lunar, seasonal, menstrual, cosmic, etc... It is non-linear. It can spiral up or down with a general trend upward. It can be instantaneous as in spontaneous remission. As a rule it can usually not be felt from moment to moment. It can however be recognized with retrospection. This challenges the concept and ‘scientific’ paradigm of “progress” being monitored by symptomatic expression or non-expression. It also challenges the paradigm of ‘medically necessary care’.

Healing mostly goes beyond the disappearance of symptoms. Symptoms are the last to come and first to go.

Diseases are the result of dis-ease over period of time, lack of tissue resistance or excessive environmental stresses stored over time. 2/3 of the disease is silent, dis-ease, asymptomatic and vertical before becoming expressive, symptomatic, horizontal and disease. This challenges the paradigm of ‘abusive frequency or unnecessary care’ as it is now obvious that ongoing care is the best care.