Testimonials and Our Results.

Our Government in its Wisdom does not allow us to tell you about our wonderful results and  let us provide testimonials from our satisfied patients. They think I might try and convince you to come and get adjusted.

So much for FREEDOM of speech ????

So what you could do,

  • Is come to our office and have a cup of tea or coffee. If you look at the tour of the office (on the second page of this website). You will see we have a wonderful kitchen for our patients to have bikkie and make a cup of tea.
  • This is a no obligation invitation to come for a visit.
  • We have all the newest magazines for you to read.
  • We have a great room for all the kiddies to play in, they won't want to go home.
  • We have easy access into the office for our disabled patients.
  • We have on site Free carparking. (Wow that is a first for Devonport! No running to beat the meter maid)

Then spend some time chatting to our wonderful patients. People who come to our office become part of our Chiropractic Family.

Come and meet our team. And become part of our family. Move well, stay well, Live well.

We provide the latest Research for our patients to read.

Health Studies Verify Chiropractic Care

International studies have demonstrated significansavings in health costs can be achieved througthe use of chiropractic care. Over a seven year period, the National University oHealth Sciences in Chicago compared two groupmatched for age/sex/diseasprofiles and lifestyle choices. One used a chiropractor as portal of entry into the health care system whilst the other used a GP as a portal of entry.

The results for the group using chiropractors were 60.2% less hospital admissions, 59% less hospital days, 62% less outpatient surgeries and procedures and 85% less pharmaceutical costs.

Similar studies in Canada anNorthern Ireland have also demonstrated that chiropractic carhas improved individuals’ health outcomes and resulted in reduced workplace absenteeism.