Our Why ?

We Have Big Dreams... Why Don't You Join Us?

We seriously want to make a big difference in our community, and in our World and we want to start with  - you.

We believe that if we can make you feel more comfortable, move easier, naturally with chiropractic care. Then we can help you have a better quality of life,

If we can improve your health, Physically mentally and spiritually. If you can express your life optimally. 

If we can help you be your best. And we have patients say this to us.

If we can help show you ways to stay well, move well and live well.

Then you will be a better Mum, Dad, Sister, Brother, Aunt, Uncle, Grand Ma, or Grand Dad.

If we can do that we can build a happy healthier more active and vital community

 .. and then we can create a better World together....

We are making a difference.. .come and visit us, and be better.

Pain relief & injury care

Newborn baby stretching

Sometimes a fall, repetitive manual actions, lifting incorrectly, forceful impact to the body or just a funny night sleep in your own or a strange bed, can cause a spinal misalignment ( a subluxation). 

It's always best to seek care at the earliest possible opportunity.  You have heard the words a stitch in time saves ..........  yes you know the answer  ... nine.

The words we hear too often are, "I thought It would go away!"

An adjustment to your spine at Devonport Chiropractic in Devonport could be all you need to have you pain free and moving effortlessly again.

Corrective exercises and lifestyle advice

Woman doing yoga stretching

Do you get your car serviced regularly? Why do you do that?

When were you last checked or had a biomechanical check-up.

Devonport Chiropractic provides maintenance care that includes teaching you exercises to help with mobility, flexibility and strength to support your condition and have you on a faster road to recovery. Maintenance care has been shown in scientific studies to improve lifestyle and decrease pain.

We are committed to providing personalised service and life style advice to prevent reoccurrence or worsening of conditions, for example: correct posture and seating, lifting techniques, better work practices, advice on the best pillows for you, optimal sleeping positions and more.

We all know about nutrients and how they are vital for health. Have you ever thought about movement as a Nutrient?  You were designed to move. 90% of all the information to keep your brain alive comes from movement. Sitting all day at your desk has the same effect on your health as smoking a pack of cigarettes a day. Get up, get moving. Get adjusted.

Naturally with gentle effective Chiropractic Care.

Expert spinal and postural screenings

Spine and back screening by chiropractor

A spinal and postural screening at Devonport Chiropractic can be beneficial for anyone, and if the result is simply piece of mind in confirming your great posture then that's the best result you could hope for!

Generally we find most people could make corrections to their posture. Our chiropractors can provide expert advice on correcting your posture achieving perfect spine alignment.

Contact Devonport Chiropractic in Devonport today and see how your posture stands up when put to the test.